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Suman Das: Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Mentor

For nearly 40 years, Suman Das has been proud to call Valparaiso her home. It is here, in this small but mighty community, she gives unselfishly to improve and advance the lives of all.

However, to fully know Suman, one must travel beyond Porter County, in fact way beyond, to the city best known for the Taj Mahal – Agra, India. It is in this city Suman was born and raised and where she was first taught one of life’s most promising lessons: To give is to help. To support is to love.


“When I was a young girl, I asked my father, ‘Why do you help so many people in our community?’” Suman said. “His reply, ‘You can have as much money in the bank as you’d like, but that money only helps you. When the money helps others, that is when it has value. Whatever we have, we must share.’”

From that day forward, her father’s message was not lost on her, but grew. And today, one only has to speak with Suman for a few minutes to learn philanthropy is at her core.

“As a member of this community, it is my responsibility to share a little bit of what I have for the benefit of others,” she said.

 And share she does, giving from her heart always for the benefit for others. 

Among the many local organizations she supports, the Porter County Community Foundation (PCCF) is grateful for her friendship. Like all relationships, her connection to the Foundation has grown over the years, from making an annual donation, to the establishment of several permanent endowment funds, benefiting the Valparaiso Family YMCA, Porter County Museum, Chesterton Art Center, and Valpo Parks Foundation.

The impetus: to ensure her community thrives. Forever.

“This is my community, and through the Community Foundation, I can support it in ways that I believe will make the most impact.” Suman said. “I have faith and trust in the Foundation that my gifts will go to where they can do the most good. I may not always be here, but my philanthropy will be.”

Suman gives from her heart, not so much for her own personal pride or legacy, but for the lasting effect and benefit of others.

“Agra will always have my heart, but Valparaiso is my home, and I want to see it thrive for generations to come. Like my father said, when the money helps others, that is where value comes into play.”

A businesswoman, philanthropist, and mentor, Suman’s love and pride for her community radiates, thanks to the selfless gifts she has established. PCCF appreciates Suman for entrusting the Foundation to carry out her wishes. By working together, we are able to “do the most good.”

For more information on how you can give like Suman, please contact the Foundation!

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