AFP Lunch Workshop: Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs: Feel Less Stress and Raise More Money

Date: Wednesday, April 17
Noon-1:30 PM
Presenter: Erin Slater, CEO & Founder of Intentional Coaching + Consulting
Location: Porter County Community Foundation, 1401 Calumet Ave, Valparaiso

No matter how successful we are, we all get into unconscious thought patterns that aren’t serving us in work or life. Together, we will explore how our limiting beliefs hold us back as people, leaders, and fundraisers. You will learn new strategies and tools to recognize those negative thought patterns and the impact they have as well as understand how to sidestep them so you can feel less stress and more fulfilled…and raise more money. You will leave this session with multiple foundational tools in your self-leadership toolkit that will support you in getting new and different results.

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